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CAD/CAM Crowns

Lava Zirconia 3M ESPE is an innovative digital technology and it's all ceramic crowns and bridges structure and it produces high quality restoration available today. Lava crowns and bridges have combination of strength and durability. It esthetics that has total eight shades and it's for natural shade matchingg

Lava crowns and bridges produce on a Zirconium-Oxide glass-free polycrystalline base which results in high strength and irrelevant suitable for both anterior and posterior applications

Lava is an extremely strong, stable, and fracture-resistant ceramic material. It used speed and precision of CAD/CAM milling system and it can withstand the stresses many times better than those in the mouth. Lava last over 5 years with many proven results

Advantages of Lava Crowns

3M Lava crowns are available in 8 different shades to match your tooth naturally
  • It provides an extremely strong and durability
  • Giving precise fit
  • It enables good conventional cementation
  • Minimal tooth structure removal
  • Total Bio Compatible
  • Eliminates Grey Shadows on Gums
  • Feel Like Natural Teeth